The Benefits of Exercise for Seniors With Parkinson’s

Exercise for seniors with Parkinson’s can have tremendous benefits, as an older man understands while smiling and working out on an elliptical.
Seniors with Parkinson’s can see symptom improvement with regular exercise.

The results of maintaining some form of exercise regimen throughout aging are remarkable; however for people that have Parkinson’s, it might truly be a game-changer regarding the progression associated with the disease. Researchers are finding direct links between Parkinson’s and consistent exercise. The current largest clinical study found that seniors with Parkinson’s who exercised at least 2½ hours each week realized a greater total wellbeing compared to those who refrained from physical exercise. And that’s only the start.

The onset of Parkinson’s symptoms happens following a loss in the brain cells that create dopamine. Researchers think physical activity helps the brain recover lost connections, develop new ones, and help maintain those that are still intact. Additional studies also show:

  • Gains were noticed in stride length, gait speed and balance after treadmill exercise – after as little as only one session, and enduring for weeks after.
  • Significant improvements in the normalcy of movement were found in seniors with Parkinson’s who exercised regularly compared to those who did not.
  • Motor function and coordination were increased in those who pedaled at a quicker rate on a stationary bike – once again, with results lasting for weeks after the study finished.

It’s important to mention that the outcomes achieved were reliant upon consistent, ongoing exercise. The studies found that any protective benefits gained stopped when the exercise intensity or frequency was reduced or only implemented for a short time. The necessary criteria for sustainable results seem to be exactly like those needed to help those who’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury or stroke: intensity, specificity, difficulty, and complexity.

Further studies are in progress to find out more about how exercise can help Parkinson’s disease patients and the precise reasoning behind it. For the time being, if a family member has been clinically determined to have Parkinson’s disease, it’s certainly advantageous to consult with their primary care physician for a recommended exercise regimen.

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