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Why You Should Schedule a Senior Care Assessment to Determine Care Needs

One of the most fascinating things about human beings is that each and every one is completely unique, and that doesn’t change simply because of age. As we age, we remain the unique and intricate people that we have been our whole lives. Assuming that all seniors will act the same and have a need for the same things is a cookie cutter approach that simply will not work for seniors or those who take care of them. Providing care to older individuals requires a creative and thoughtful approach that allows the caregiver to get to know the senior and their particular needs. This information can help determine the best plan of care to keep the person healthy and safe at home. This is where a senior care assessment comes in. Just as there are a number of different types of people with a variety of needs, there are also numerous different kinds of in-home senior care services and providers. Understanding what types of services, or combinations of services, are ideal for an older family member can help the person live a happier, healthier life at home. Working with a trusted elder care provider like Dakota Home Care is also incredibly important. When it’s time to obtain home care services for a loved one, a senior care assessment for daily function, depression, and mental status is a critical step that a high quality home care service company will provide to identify which sorts of services are suggested for an older adult. What’s the Purpose of a Senior Care Assessment? A senior care assessment is intended to: Outline all of the concerns and challenges that an older adult is experiencing Develop a care plan to recommend solutions for recognized issues Evaluate an older person’s access to supports that can help them

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