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Exercises for Each Stage of Dementia

The multitude of benefits of exercise are clear, but what is not as well recognized is that exercise for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia can be particularly helpful in various ways. It can help reduce the risk for muscle weakness as well as other issues that stem from inactivity, can reduce the impact of emotional and behavioral changes, and more. What’s important is to choose exercises for each stage of dementia that are appropriate to the individual’s particular ability level in order to reap these benefits. As with anyone who is interested in starting a new exercise program, a doctor should first be consulted. After that, try integrating more physical activity into each day for a senior loved one with dementia, implementing the following strategies in accordance with the appropriate stage associated with the disease: First Stages Seniors in the first stages of Alzheimer’s can enjoy relatively active and social exercises, such as dancing, swimming, bowling, golf, and walking, though some degree of guidance and oversight may be needed. In time, enhanced supervision will probably be required as the disease progresses. Mid to Later Stages The mid to later stages of Alzheimer’s disease are often associated with elevated levels of confusion and anxiety. For that reason, loud or overly exciting activities should be avoided. Repetitive exercises, such as indoor bicycling and walking, and tasks like folding laundry, help to reduce anxiety levels as the older adult does not have to make any decisions related to the activity or try to remember what to do next. Advanced Stages During the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, children’s toys may be well suited for encouraging hand-eye coordination. These toys are usually brightly colored, easy to hold, and are designed to stimulate the brain. Additionally, stress balls or soft clay-like products

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Exercise for Seniors May Just Be the Best Medicine!

If you set a resolution for yourself back in January to work out more this year, hopefully you’re continuing to stick with it! Adding more physical activity to your everyday activities is one resolution we should all be putting into action. And exercise for seniors, many of whom take multiple medications for different health conditions, is especially beneficial. Research is indicating that, remarkably, physician-approved senior workout routines can be as advantageous as typically-prescribed medicines in preventing or treating many of the leading causes of death. In one study, researchers compared and contrasted the benefits of physical exercise vs. medication. The finding consistently revealed that both medications and exercise shared practically the same results in decreasing deaths in people who had previously been identified as having a variety of prevalent and severe health problems, like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. For instance, the research found that people with heart disease who exercised but didn’t use commonly-prescribed medicines, such as angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors, statins, or antiplatelet drugs, had a comparable risk of dying from — or surviving — cardiovascular disease as those who were taking those medications. Scientists also showcased how seldom doctors “prescribe” exercise for seniors as an effective medical intervention. Huseyin Naci, a graduate student at the London School of Economics and Political Science, along with Dr. John Ioannidis, director of the Stanford Prevention Research Center in the Stanford University School of Medicine, worked jointly on the study, determining that, according to Naci, “We are not suggesting that anyone stop taking their medications. But maybe people could think long and hard about their lifestyles and talk to their doctors about whether exercise could and should be incorporated into their care.” At Dakota Home Care, we love providing help at home that allows older adults to stay as active as they can, while

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Create Fun Activities for Seniors from Everyday Tasks

Is a senior loved one participating in activities on a routine basis, or is he or she stuck in a rut that predominantly consists of TV-watching, eating, and sleeping? Particularly during this time of quarantining and solitude, it can be tough to maintain an active and engaged way of living – but it’s vitally important for the health and quality of life of aging adults. There are many benefits of finding new and fun activities for seniors to help enrich their days. At Dakota Home Care, we believe that our clients should be honored with activities that engage them and help them continue to be involved in living life to the fullest every day. This means individualizing activities to correspond to each senior’s distinctive interests, hobbies, and ability levels. Our person-centered care starts with discovering as much as possible about the older person’s likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams, interests and life history. We get to know the senior through an interview that may include other family members if desired, and then develop a personalized plan of care to include a variety of appropriate enrichment activities. Some of the benefits of enriching and fun activities for seniors include: Lessen boredom and lack of motivation Enhance self-confidence and independence Restore or enhance purpose and meaning to life Help improve memory Restore physical abilities Foster a sense of wellbeing for seniors struggling with a chronic illness Efficiently increasing older adults’ everyday experiences means not just personalizing their activities to meet their particular preferences and tastes, but also making certain that their daily routine has some variety. This means that on a particular day we might work on activities that are designed to boost their creativity with a simple but meaningful art project. On the next day, the focus may be on just having

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Benefits of Senior Activities

The Benefits of Senior Activities and How Dakota Home Care Can Help

Countless Americans are finding themselves in the role of providing senior care for an older family member, and although serving as a family caregiver is extremely fulfilling in many ways, the daily duties involved with senior care may come to be tedious for both the caregiver and the older adult. Dakota Home Care has a personal caregiver in Fargo, ND and surrounding areas, who wants to assist you in putting the fun back in your loved one’s day-to-day schedule. All it takes is a little inventiveness! Try some of these suggestions to help brighten your loved one’s day and make everyday senior care more enriching: Add Style These recommendations can add some style and fun to getting dressed, doing laundry, and other chores: Ask your loved one to assist with laundry (sorting/folding/putting away). Utilize this time to discuss your day, a TV show you both like to watch, etc. Look at magazines and catalogs for fashions you think the other person would look good in. Make choosing clothes and accessories to wear every day an enjoyable occasion! Spice Up Meals Food defines our culture, family history and heritage, and is linked to numerous emotions. Make mealtime more fun by: Including the senior in washing/drying dishes. Inviting the older adult to help in fixing a traditional family meal. Enjoying meals outdoors when weather allows. Try Something New There’s always something new to be learned, and no better time than today to explore a new hobby or pursue a goal. There are numerous virtual classes available, with some geared particularly to seniors and offering lower (or no-cost) rates. Look for opportunities to learn: A new language How to play a musical instrument Skills like knitting, culinary arts, gardening, painting – the options are limitless! Dakota Home Care’s professional personal caregivers understand that

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