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Resolution: A Little More Exercise

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions for ourselves that involve some aspect of a healthier lifestyle, including weight loss, better food choices, more sleep and regular exercise. Whether we keep them or not often depends on how dramatic the changes are that we’ve vowed to make, especially when it comes to senior exercises. Joining a gym and going every day vs. taking a daily 15-minute walk is an example. Alzheimer’s and dementia are not an inevitable part of normal aging, and a little exercise might help keep them at bay, or delay the progression, several new studies suggest. Starting with small changes is often the best indicator of success, and experts tell us that even these “baby steps” can improve our brain and body function now and in the future. The same strategy can be true for our elderly loved ones or clients. Even a little more exercise can improve brain and body function and even emotional health. Then the question becomes, “How can we help them to see the benefits and get moving?” [For more about safe exercises for seniors, see our blog “Seniors Benefit from Safe, Regular Exercise”] “Try it. You’ll like it!” can apply to everything from a new food to becoming more active. If you can get your loved one or the person you care for to try adding more activity to their days, they might be able to see for themselves that they feel better and want to do more. Take a walk: It might be something as simple as asking them to take a walk with you. Set your pace to theirs and help them make goals that can be expanded as strength increases. If you can’t be there every day, ask neighbors or other family members to take turns being the walking

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