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Planning for Long-Term Care

No matter how old we get, most of us still feel young inside. It’s hard to imagine that, if we live long enough, some of our body parts, including our brains, will start to wear out and we will need help doing at least some of the daily tasks that now seem easy for us. Research shows that one out of two North Dakotans will need long-term care services sometime during their lives. North Dakota ranks 7th in the nation for states that have the highest proportion of individuals age 85 and older, with 14.2% of the population made up of individuals 65 and older. If you have a spouse, the overall risk that one of you will need long-term care services during your lifetime is 65%. It’s only smart to make decisions for yourself and your loved ones as to what you will do when more care is needed than a family can give. The Importance of Planning Ahead Many difficult decisions will have to be made quickly under duress if you or a loved one needs long-term care without prior notice or planning. Many plans, decisions and possible options can be worked out in advance, providing a plan of action when your situation changes and helping you and everyone in your family to feel more secure before needs arise. A few things to consider are: Do you have family members who can take care of you? Have you completed legal advance directives and appointed a health-care surrogate to make decisions for you in the event you can no longer care for yourself? Are you taking care of your health and considering what you can do to reduce future health-care costs? Do you have a financial plan in place? What changes will you need to make if you want

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