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Physician & Surgical Appointments—New Advocacy and Senior Transportation Services from Dakota Home Care

In his 90s, my dad always needed someone to take him to a Dr. visit, not only because he couldn’t drive, but because he couldn’t give vital information about himself, describe what was wrong, ask follow-up questions or remember what he had been told and instructed to do. He needed an advocate. Now, I am going with my 79-year-old husband to most of his doctor visits, because even in early-stage Alzheimer’s, he has similar difficulties. But what if you can’t be there to transport your loved ones or advocate for them, whether it be for regular Dr. visits or pre- and post-surgery?  Dakota Home Care now offers senior transportation services for families that can’t always transport or advocate for a loved one who can’t or shouldn’t be expected to do it for themselves. Regular MD Appointments Every elderly, or handicapped person probably has more than the usual number of appointments required to maintain health or to deal with chronic illnesses or pain. Even you might be intimidated during an appointment. You would be relieved to have someone there who knows the pertinent information to give about the patient and the important questions to ask. A Dakota Home Care Nurse has years of experience, will know what to say and will understand what the doctor says, giving you peace of mind and guidance through the whole process. Services: Transportation to and from the doctor’s office Expertly advocating for the patient during the visit Helping describe the purpose of the visit to a medical professional Asking pertinent questions about the patient’s wellbeing Reporting the findings of the visit and care recommendations to the family Having Surgery A diagnosis that requires surgery can be frightening and raise many questions about navigating and getting the best results from the whole process. There will be

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