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Can Your Parents Age Safely at Home? Assess These Two Areas to Find Out.

If you’re the child of an aging parent, you have almost certainly listened to your loved one explain their wish to age at home instead of moving to a nursing home. The fact is, the vast majority of older people want to live in their own homes for as long as possible – for a number of reasons. Home is the environment they’ve lovingly created, so it’s where they are the most comfortable and familiar. Living at home also creates meaning and purpose to one’s life. Something as basic as looking at your possessions, reading the newspaper, or relaxing on the porch are more meaningful at home than in a long-term care facility because it is the home that provides the framework of life. The comforts of home offer a sense of peace and privacy that cannot be replaced. And yet, many people, regardless of age, are under the false presumption that life in a nursing home or assisted living facility is inevitable for the elderly. Is it really feasible to age safely and independently with the help of home care services? Actually, in-home care services can be a long-term, practical solution for many. Continuing to live at home offers not only the pleasure of familiar surroundings and independence from rigid routines, but according to Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey, home care can be a much more affordable option as well. How Do I Know if My Parents Can Age at Home Safely? To decide if someone you love could benefit from the support of a skilled caregiver as an alternative to making the major decision to sell their home and move into a nursing home or assisted living facility, pay attention to the degree of functioning in the following two areas: Activities of Daily Living: These activities are essential

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