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Create Fun Activities for Seniors from Everyday Tasks

Is a senior loved one participating in activities on a routine basis, or is he or she stuck in a rut that predominantly consists of TV-watching, eating, and sleeping? Particularly during this time of quarantining and solitude, it can be tough to maintain an active and engaged way of living – but it’s vitally important for the health and quality of life of aging adults. There are many benefits of finding new and fun activities for seniors to help enrich their days. At Dakota Home Care, we believe that our clients should be honored with activities that engage them and help them continue to be involved in living life to the fullest every day. This means individualizing activities to correspond to each senior’s distinctive interests, hobbies, and ability levels. Our person-centered care starts with discovering as much as possible about the older person’s likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams, interests and life history. We get to know the senior through an interview that may include other family members if desired, and then develop a personalized plan of care to include a variety of appropriate enrichment activities. Some of the benefits of enriching and fun activities for seniors include: Lessen boredom and lack of motivation Enhance self-confidence and independence Restore or enhance purpose and meaning to life Help improve memory Restore physical abilities Foster a sense of wellbeing for seniors struggling with a chronic illness Efficiently increasing older adults’ everyday experiences means not just personalizing their activities to meet their particular preferences and tastes, but also making certain that their daily routine has some variety. This means that on a particular day we might work on activities that are designed to boost their creativity with a simple but meaningful art project. On the next day, the focus may be on just having

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