Thinking of Moving a Senior Parent in With You? Answer These Questions First.

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If you’re moving a senior parent into your home, we have a checklist of questions to consider to ease the transition.

COVID-19 cases in assisted living facilities and nursing homes were devastating, as the virus spread like wildfire throughout our most vulnerable population who had been living together in such close quarters. Because of this, many families decided that moving a senior parent into their own home was the safest option. However, this decision isn’t one to be made lightly, and raises a number of challenges to be overcome.

Dakota Home Care, the top providers of caregivers in Bismarck, ND as well Mandan and Fargo, is here to provide you with the knowledge you need to ensure a smooth transition to your home. Before the move occurs, answer these questions:

  • Will there be enough room for the senior to have plenty of designated space for privacy?
  • Might there be a challenge associated with issues like smoking, drinking, or pets, either on the part of your parent or someone else in the home?
  • If you have to leave home to go to work each day, who will look after the senior while you’re gone?
  • Do any home alterations need to be made, like grab bars and railings, additional lighting, or wheelchair accessibility?
  • How will the move affect other household members? As an example, will one of the children need to give up their bedroom and share with a sibling?
  • Are there any unresolved problems with your aging parent that could impact your ability to deliver the highest level of care?
  • How will vacations be handled? Will the senior be able to travel with you, or is there a strategy you can easily put in place for respite care?

Next, schedule a family group meeting. This should include everyone living in the house along with your siblings or other members of the family who might want to be involved in the senior’s care. It’s important to give everyone the opportunity to share any concerns openly and honestly. After all, bringing your aging parent to your home is a life-changing event for every family member.

Once the family is in agreement and on board with the decision, talk to your parent in regards to the idea. Find out if the senior is thriving in the social atmosphere of living in a facility, along with the activities and friendships. Reassure the senior that all the family is thrilled with the idea of inviting them home to live, and address any concerns the senior raises.

Above all, realize that you’re not alone in your new care responsibilities! Dakota Home Care is always here to serve as your trusted partner in care, offering the customized home care assistance you need.

Contact us at (877) 691-0015 for a free in-home consultation to let us share more about how we can help.

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