How to Help Seniors Enjoy the Holidays

Help Seniors Enjoy the Holidays
It is common for feelings of sadness and loneliness to creep up during the holidays, especially among seniors with changing health conditions and lost loved ones.

Even though the yuletide season is commonly thought about as a time that is joyful, busy with visiting family and friends who are near and dear to us and finding the perfect gifts, for older individuals, it can be anything but merry and bright. The combination of lost loved ones, memories of past holidays, health problems and more can bring feelings of lonesomeness and sorrow for older adults and all of us. With all of these stressors, how can we help seniors enjoy the holidays?

At Dakota Home Care, a leading provider of elder home care services in MandanFargo, and throughout the nearby areas, we care deeply about making sure seniors enjoy the holidays, feel included in the celebrations and make new memories of a joyful holiday season. The following recommendations can help everyone enjoy the wonder of the holiday season together:

  • Develop a cookbook with recipes from all family members. Gather all the recipes, and distribute copies of your new family cookbook.
  • Take a drive to enjoy holiday lights in an old, familiar neighborhood.
  • If your loved one experiences challenges putting out holiday decorations, offer to help! This is a great way to share memories of past holidays and the stories behind different decorations. The caregivers at Dakota Home Care can also provide assistance with holiday decorating.
  • For a holiday that is really relaxing, schedule time together at a local salon or spa. You can even consider having a local beautician or masseuse come to the home if possible.

Safety precautions may come up for your older loved one for a variety of reasons: increased fall risks with the addition of the holiday decorations in the home, challenges adhering to a prescribed dietary plan, and for those with dementia, interruption to routine, additional visitors to the home, and higher noise levels can all trigger stress.

Keep the following in mind to make sure seniors stay safe and content:

  • Keep decoration safety in mind. Make sure that there are clear walking paths, and try to utilize simple, uncluttered decorations.
  • Lower lighting reduces visibility and hides things that could be tripped over, such as extension cords, so be mindful of lighting conditions in the room.
  • Set aside a quiet area for the older person if the enthusiasm of young children, loud music and activities become stressful.
  • Appoint someone to be the senior’s “buddy” for events, making sure his or her needs are fully met.

The holiday season can certainly be fun and relaxing for everyone. With just a little advance planning and mindfulness, there are many ways to help seniors enjoy the holidays as much as everyone else, creating new memories that the whole family will take pleasure in for a lifetime.

And, if in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle you could use the support of a professional caregiver, Dakota Home Care, provider of top-quality elder home care services in Bismarck, ND, Fargo, and Mandan, is on hand to help! Contact us at (877) 691-0015 to learn more about how we can brighten the holidays for you and your family with customized care solutions. Please see our full service area.

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