Find Joy in Holiday Activities for Seniors with These Tips

iday Activities for Seniors
The holiday season can provide all of us with needed socialization, festive family time, and new memories to hold on to.

The holiday season is chock-full of get-togethers, celebrations, and parties. Yet for many seniors, holiday outings require a little extra planning. Dakota Home Care has compiled some recommendations to help family caregivers plan for relaxed and fun holiday activities for seniors.

Prior to leaving the house, think through:

  • How much walking will be required, and if there will be parking close by
  • Whether the location is flat or has hills or steps to climb
  • Whether or not it is wheelchair-accessible (if appropriate)
  • If there is cover and shade
  • Where the bathrooms are located
  • Whether or not there is seating available in the event

Be prepared for a wide variety of possible plan changes with the following:

  • Ensure that you have all necessary medications available, and bring an additional supply, in case the outing lasts longer or takes an unanticipated turn
  • Have appropriate clothing in addition to rain and sun protection
  • Bring something to eat and drink, in case of a delay

Need some suggestions for holiday activities for seniors that get the family moving? Consider the following ideas for outings:

  • Take a relaxing family drive to look at the area holiday lights.
  • If it is feasible and welcomed, invite the older person to your home to help with decorating for the holidays.
  • Take your loved one to a holiday party at the local senior center.
  • Go to community performances; in addition to the local theater, there are affordably priced plays and other shows given by area schools.

When engaging in any holiday activities for seniors, allow plenty of time and create a relaxing environment to make sure older adults are comfortable and content. The caregiving experts at Dakota Home CareĀ can offer support by increasing a senior’s independence while providing exceptional in-home care throughout the holidays and all through the year! Contact us at (877) 691-0015 to find out more about how an in-home caregiver can help someone you love. For a full list of communities we serve, please see ourĀ  Communities Served page .

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