Exercise for Seniors May Just Be the Best Medicine!

Happy senior man holding a tennis racket and ball
Exercise for seniors can literally be lifesaving.

If you set a resolution for yourself back in January to work out more this year, hopefully you’re continuing to stick with it! Adding more physical activity to your everyday activities is one resolution we should all be putting into action. And exercise for seniors, many of whom take multiple medications for different health conditions, is especially beneficial.

Research is indicating that, remarkably, physician-approved senior workout routines can be as advantageous as typically-prescribed medicines in preventing or treating many of the leading causes of death. In one study, researchers compared and contrasted the benefits of physical exercise vs. medication. The finding consistently revealed that both medications and exercise shared practically the same results in decreasing deaths in people who had previously been identified as having a variety of prevalent and severe health problems, like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

For instance, the research found that people with heart disease who exercised but didn’t use commonly-prescribed medicines, such as angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors, statins, or antiplatelet drugs, had a comparable risk of dying from — or surviving — cardiovascular disease as those who were taking those medications.

Scientists also showcased how seldom doctors “prescribe” exercise for seniors as an effective medical intervention. Huseyin Naci, a graduate student at the London School of Economics and Political Science, along with Dr. John Ioannidis, director of the Stanford Prevention Research Center in the Stanford University School of Medicine, worked jointly on the study, determining that, according to Naci, “We are not suggesting that anyone stop taking their medications. But maybe people could think long and hard about their lifestyles and talk to their doctors about whether exercise could and should be incorporated into their care.”

At Dakota Home Care, we love providing help at home that allows older adults to stay as active as they can, while achieving the best possible quality of life. As the most trusted provider of in-home care in Fargo, ND as well as Bismarck and Mandan, we are happy to supply transportation and accompaniment to exercise classes as well as companionship to encourage, motivate, and make exercise enjoyable. We also offer many other home care services that are specifically personalized to meet each person’s unique health and wellness goals.

Contact us at (877) 691-0015 to find out more about how we can provide help at home to improve the overall wellbeing and health for a senior you love! Whether you’re looking for just a couple of hours of assistance each week, around-the-clock care, or anything in between, a perfectly matched caregiver can provide the ideal amount of care to help a senior you love thrive in the comfort of home. For a list of all of the communities where we provide care, please visit our Communities Served page.

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