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The Many Ways Technology Can Help Seniors Stay Healthy at Home

When our parents were younger, phones were attached to walls, mail was only the paper variety, and if adult children lived far away from their parents, checking in on them was as easy as asking someone nearby to stop in to visit. If someone was not able to leave home because of sickness or injury, feelings of isolation could rapidly set in. Social circles became smaller, and long-distance family members frequently felt helpless if they could not be there to assist in person. But life has significantly changed since then, and technology has evolved, improving how we can communicate and manage the everyday activities of living. With these new advances, technology can help seniors remain independent and safe in the comfort of home. Technology for older adults has provided for innovation in home care and improved the quality of life for those who otherwise may not have been successful living on their own. With the boost in smart technology, social media and interactive telecommunications programs, remaining independent throughout aging is easier than ever, allowing for stronger connections and increased comfort and engagement. A variety of new types of technology are now available, with countless applications for home care for older adults, from health-related apps to advanced social engagement functionality. Not only can these types of technological tools bring peace of mind to seniors and their loved ones, but, even more importantly, they offer a higher level of freedom, additional independence and an improved overall quality of life and wellness. Even if somebody is home alone, they can still connect, converse and engage with those outside of their immediate environment. Not only that, but should a medical emergency arise, technology helps keep seniors safe and cared for by providing more immediate care and aiding the continuity of care. Here are a

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Caring for Elderly Loved Ones Who Don’t Live Near You

If you live an hour or more away from your aging loved one who needs help, you can probably consider yourself a long-distance caregiver. Even though distance makes it more difficult for you to participate in your loved one’s care, there are resources and tips that can help to make it easier. Even if there is a family member or other caregiver nearby, or your loved one lives in a care facility, there are many things you can do to provide emotional support and even help with care needs via the phone, email or during infrequent visits. What can I do? Too often, family members who live out-of-town assume there is nothing they can do to help, leaving a close-by caregiver to feel overburdened and alone. Because this person might not know what they could delegate to you, taking the initiative yourself and volunteering to do things you know you could do can be a big relief. For example, I have a not-so-nearby sister-in-law who volunteered to make regular visits to Dad in his assisted living apartment, assess his needs for personal products, favorite snacks, medical supplies, comfortable pants and other things she could shop for and bring to him. Not having to worry about whether or not he had enough incontinence products, as well as these other things on hand was a huge help to me. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about what you could do to help, even from a distance:  Ask How You Can Be Most Helpful Be sensitive to the feelings of any caregivers already on the job. Compliment them on what they are already doing, and then ask them and the care recipient how you can be most helpful. Talk to friends and neighbors who know your loved one to see if

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