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Senior man having a hearing test with his wife

Does Your Elderly Loved One Need a Hearing Test?

Does your elderly loved one need a hearing test? If it’s been more than a year since they had one, the simple answer is “Yes!” However, several factors can make a correct diagnosis of hearing loss and a viable solution difficult to achieve. Still, there are important reasons to try to improve hearing sooner than later. A Personal Example In the past six months, my husband (80) and I (76) both had our hearing tested. Both of us were diagnosed with about the same amount of hearing loss that, we were told by a licensed audiologist, could be improved with hearing aids. Because my husband has early-stage Alzheimer’s disease and arthritic fingers, I wanted to try wearing them first, to see if we thought the improvement in my hearing would be worth the struggle he was sure to have with remembering to put them on and do it correctly. To make maintenance easier, I purchased hearing aids that didn’t require tiny batteries but could be placed in a charger overnight. I was hoping to be able to hear the television without turning the volume up so much that it was irritating to others, and to be able to hear and more easily understand what my soft-spoken husband was saying. I was excited to try the “by-cell-phone” adjustment feature, but I knew that couldn’t be part of his experience, as he is only able to manage a flip phone. When I started wearing them, I could hear the TV at a much lower volume level. However, hearing and understanding my husband required some adjustments to my hearing aids by the specialist and my husband remembering to enunciate clearly and speak in a deeper voice, as his speech therapist had taught him. Observing my improvements, my husband decided to go in to

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