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Man and Spring Flowers

Feeling Isolated and Lonely? Make the Most of Spring!

Unwanted isolation and loneliness or lack of connection can be byproducts of a long winter for anyone. Seniors and the handicapped are especially vulnerable. It’s difficult for them to be out and about, and it can be difficult for loved ones to visit them in person or take them places. We are all looking longingly for signs of spring. If possible, consider including others who have been homebound in your plans for the warmer days ahead. Spring Activities for Yourself and Your Loved One If you or a loved one or someone you care for has been stuck inside, fresh air and sunshine have been in short supply. Here are some suggestions for what you could do together on a spring day, depending on the person’s health and mobility: Open a window and sit close to it for a visit. Dress comfortably and sit outside. Enjoy the sunshine and whatever is growing. Take a sort walk around the neighborhood or a park. Interact with neighbors. Say “hello” to everyone you see while you’re out. Go out for lunch or bring in a take-out and eat it outside. Go on a scenic drive together. Point out spring blossoms and green leaves. Get a bird feeder and put it where it can be seen easily either inside or out. Bird watch. Visit a plant nursery and, if possible, buy something you can plant together. Bring flowers in. Wildflowers in a glass or even manmade blooms can brighten up a room. Draw or color pictures with a spring theme. Do it outside. Have an outdoor celebration of spring with family members. Make decorations for it. Do some spring cleaning. Help your loved one get rid of clutter. Find simple chores you and your loved one can do together to clean up the yard.

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Creating Moments of Joy Along the Alzheimer’s Journey

What better time to discover more than 100 ways to bring more joy into your life and the lives of those with Alzheimer’s than during the Holiday Season! Create moments of joy along the Alzheimer’s journey, and give yourself the gift of this book. International speaker and author, Jolene Brackey, makes a powerful, personal and touching case that there can be many moments of joy for those with Alzheimer’s disease and for both professional and family caregivers. As a wife and caregiver traveling the Alzheimer’s journey with my husband, reading this book brought me joy and the hope that my husband and I can continue to experience joy together, even during his “Final Moments.” I wish I could help you to feel some of that joy just by reading this blog, but as Jolene so wisely says on p. 268, “You have learned a lot by simply reading this book. You’re going to want to tell your brother because, ‘He should…’ You want to tell your mom because, ‘She should…’ You want to tell other caregivers because, ‘They should…’ Don’t go back and ‘should’ on people. Recognize that each person is doing the best they can with the information they have.” So, besides sharing a few of Jolene’s examples, I can only say, as Dakota Home Care CEO, Beverly Unrath, said to me, “I read the most wonderful book. You should read it!” So I did. I hope you will, too. Another quote from Jolene: “With short-term memory loss, life is made up of moments. There are not perfectly wonderful days, there are perfectly wonderful moments—moments that put a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eye. Five minutes later, the person will have forgotten what was said and done; the feeling, however, lingers on.” The book is

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